• Long Distance Telephone Rates Analysis

    Search for the best long distance telephone plan base on your calling habits: Brought to you by OPC in collabration with A Bell Tolls.

  • A Bell Tolls

    A Bell Tolls collects and tracks long distant rate information including interLATA, intraLATA, international, and calling card rates. Their rate comparision also includes USF and PICC surcharges, which are add-ons to your total bill and might affect your choice of telephone carriers.

  • The Telecommunications Research and Action Center (TRAC)

    TRAC is a non profit organization. It researches telecommunications issues and publishes TeleTips Residential and Small Business Long Distance Charts to help consumers make informed decisions regarding their long distance options. TRAC has a WebPricer that computes costs for interstate calls within specific calling plans from the following service providers: AT&T, Excel, Frontier, Qwest, MCI, Matrix, Sprint.